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Yamaha V-Max - VMAX pictures

The V-Max, called the VMAX since 2008, is a cruiser motorcycle made by Yamaha since 1985, known for its powerful V4 engine, shaft drive, and distinctive styling.

Specifications Yamaha V-Max and VMAX
Overall, the V-Max was 2,300 mm (91 in) long, 795 mm (31.3 in) wide, and 1,160 mm (46 in) high. The engine was a tuned version of the double overhead camshaft, four valve per cylinder, liquid-cooled V-4 from the Yamaha Venture. Along with other modifications to the engine, the compression ratio was raised to 10.5:1, and the V-Boost system was added.

V-Boost is a system that opens butterfly valves in the intake manifold between the 1st and 2nd and between the 3rd and 4th cylinders starting from 5,750 rpm. The valves are opened gradually to match the rising rotational speed signal provided by the ignition system. The valves are at the full open position at 8,000 rpm. There is a small black box that reads the rotational speed and sends a computed signal to a servo motor. The servo pulls a wire to open the butterfly valves. The V-Boost System adds 10 percent to the top power rating of the base engine.